Worldwide Brands Review for 2018

It was founded long ago in 1999, but now it’s 2018, so can Worldwide Brands still be useful as a source of wholesalers and drop shippers for new online stores?

Worldwide Brands is a good resource for finding new and reliable wholesalers and drop shippers – it’s a directory of over 8,000 of them with more than 16 million products available at trade prices.  The main selling points of Worldwide Brands are that you can find nearly all of the top suppliers from around the world in one place and that they are all certified – which means that they are guaranteed to be safe to deal with; there are no scams in the Worldwide Brands database.

It was originally founded for eBay sellers that needed to find suppliers who were friendly to small businesses and that were able to drop ship or at least sell in small quantities – often called “light bulk wholesalers”.  To this day Worldwide Brands remains useful for such purposes, but as many more people are selling online – many on their own e-commerce stores now – Worldwide Brands has also found a new audience.

Although it’s quite manual and time consuming to use, Worldwide Brands remains one of the top sources of wholesalers and drop shippers in the United States – and it certainly is still useful for new online store owners.