Usage of Wall Panel

Wall panels function as descriptions of exhibitions in museums and galleries. They are also used to show electronic equipment.

As part of the interior decoration, they divided the wall space with fashion. This can be achieved by forming a top or bottom of the wall by attaching wainscoting or making an artificial layer.

You can also use ceiling wall panel, maxis facade by maxiswood (Also known as “ฝ้าเพดาน ผนัง ระแนง maxis facade โดย maxiswood “ in the Thai language). Ceiling wall panel wainscoting is used to cover the lowest and the most vulnerable portion of the wall.

These walls are attractive and decorative and require minimum cleaning. This is resistant to damage.

Many people still prefer these walls even if wallpapers and paint are becoming more popular.

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You can apply portable or temporary wall panels that can be used to partition a room in office settings.

Parts of wall panels can be assembled in wood or metal. Usually, they are coated with grained material or fabric to make the walls look more elegant and attractive.

There is a sound-absorbing acoustic wall panel. This is more appropriate in the studio.

If you build a small house, faux panels can be a good choice. Alternatively, trim can be inserted into the wall to copy the inlaid panel display.

If you are budgeted and cannot buy panels with parts, you can apply fabric wall panels to bring your basement, attic or garage quickly.