Feel The Magic Of Morning Prayer

Most of us pray only when we are in pain or feel desperate; when we are sick or have a problem. Our prayers are pleas that you want God to hear, and He always listens.

If you don't get an answer from Him, it's because God speaks to your heart, to your mind. You must open your heart. You need to believe that you deserve the things you are asking for, and you always deserve good things!

Praying, for me, is a simple talk between me and my source. It is a way to align myself with the Universe. You can browse https://eltrendelavida.mx/category/oracion-de-la-manana/ to know more about prayers.

It is my true connection to God, the way I communicate with God (the Universe). In any communication there could be interference; some people call this "noise". If there is a lot of noise between the Transmitter and Receiver, the process of communication is hindered.

Your negative emotions and beliefs are the noise when you are trying to communicate with God (the Universe). Praying is a very good way to release them and align with the Universe. As soon as you are aligned with your own source you are ready to allow communication and get the answers you are looking for.

Human beings are powerful creators. You are creating your own reality every second. If you don't like what you are creating, it is because you are not aligned with your source. You are not allowing communication with the Universe.

You can pray anytime, during the day or night. It is a good idea to pray every morning. Through your prayer, you are willing to receive good things, allowing yourself to have a happy day.