The beautiful islands of Mactan

Time and time again, foreign guests and non-local visitors kept on coming in the province of Cebu for the sole fact that it has a lot to showcase and apparently captured their interest. There have been many travelers reported that staying in the Cebu for a vacation and or otherwise. The Queen city of the South is very rich in culture, history and most especially its tourist attractions. Cebu’s beaches, waterfalls, mountain ranges and whole lot more are comparable to other tourist spots that are well-known as well by avid travelers. One significant place in Cebu that caught every tourist’s interest is Mactan island, which is still a part of Cebu only connected with two bridges.

The province’s airport or air system is also located in that above mentioned place. The place became a favorite by most first time foreign guests and non-locals to include because of how diverse its culture is and how rich Mactan’s history is. If not all but most foreign guests are in to water adventures or just enjoying the beauty of Mactan’s beaches. The area has the most unique and lively marine ecosystem which is perfect to scuba divers and free divers as well. Mactan’s waters is very well protected by the government since there are a lot fish sanctuaries surrounding the island.