How to Find the Right Door Closers

Useful Tips to Help You Find That Right Door Closer

LCN door closers vary in terms of features they have and as such it is necessary to examine all the features of a particular door closer and make a selection according to your requirements.For instance, to choose the right door closer you will have to analyze several details such as kind of door you have, traffic volume door closer will have to sustain and efficiency of the door closer. 
So, let us examine these points in greater detail in next few sections.

Selection of Door Closer and Proper Evaluation

Few of the details you need to check include:

Amount of Foot Traffic

LCN door closersAmount of traffic is categorized into 3 parts based on its volume, these categories are:
• Heavy/Medium Foot Traffic: If you are looking for LCN door closers for doors located in a location where medium or heavy foot traffic is expected then the right option would be the overhead door closers due to durability they have. 
Thus, whether you need an interior or exterior door closer, this type of door closer should be your first preference.
• Heavy Traffic: In case, you are expecting heavy foot traffic in a location then floor spring or overhead spring door closers will be an option to contemplate due to durability they have. In addition to it, they are not visible like the overhead LCN door closers and help to reduce visual distraction such overhead closers result in.
• Medium/Low Foot Traffic: If traffic flow through a flow is not that high then you can buy concealed or frame mounted door closers.
As such, you need to consider these aspects and select a door closer according to your needs.

Interior/Exterior Door

Type of door (whether it is an interior or exterior door) and the closing force (also known as spring strength) of closer are two of the other factors which you need to look into.
Let us first look at specifics of closing force. Normally, the closing force has a range or one to six where the least strength is provided by one which maximum strength is possible with spring strength of six.
In the following section let us go through details of the selection of door closer according to the type of door you have.
Exterior Door: In case, there is a 3-foot exterior door then door closer should have spring strength of at least 4.
Interior Door: For interior doors, a spring strength of about three would be sufficient.

Efficiency of Door Closer

Last but not the least, the efficiency of door closer is another aspect you need to check. Generally, a door closer falls into one of the 3 grades with the highest efficiency achieved by LCN door closershaving grade one and only basic efficiency provided by door closers with grade three efficiency.
Thus, grade one door closer should be selected for a door present at a location where you are expecting high foot traffic such as an office or a shopping mall.


By following above tips it will become possible for you to find a door closer which is right for your door.