Tips to Maintain your Haul Truck


A haul truck needs care for it to serve you well. That being said, if you are someone who cannot go a minute without their vehicle or someone who uses truck for most of their work, then you must maintain it. You simply cannot expect your truck to perform great if you aren’t taking care of it.

Here are few tips for maintaining Haul Trucks:

1. Don’t Miss The Oil Change

Keep this in mind that oil change dates are there for a reason, so never forget to get it changed on time. If you want your trucks to have a long life then do it at least after every 7000 miles. This improves your trucks mileage and boost up the engine.

2. Tire Rotation

It is recommended that you rotate your truck’s tires every time you go for an oil change. The tires wear off differently; front tires tend to wear off quicker than the back ones. Rotating your tires ensures an even amount of wear making your ride smooth.

3. Check the Alignment

If your truck is pulling towards a specific side then you have alignment issue. Get it checked because if you don’t it may cause an accident. When you are driving fast or on a rough terrain there is a high chance of misalignment. So, get it fixed it pays off later in terms of better mileage and smooth drive.

4. Fluid Levels

Whenever you are out for an oil change, check the fluid levels. Simply pop up the cap and check engine oil. You can refill these by using coolants. If your truck is heating up often then there is a higher chance of reduced fluids.

These trucks are what deliver cable equipment Australia wide. If you are looking for a reliable way of delivering these cables then this beast of a truck is a great choice.