Learn About The Enrolled Agent Exam

If you have never heard of the enrolled agent exam, you are not alone.  Even some CPAs and financial professionals have not heard of the enrolled agent exam and are not familiar with what an enrolled agent does. All this said, enrolled agents do provide an important service, to not only individual taxpayers, but also corporations as well.  An enrolled agent is someone that has demonstrated the knowledge and experience in both individuals as well as corporate tax preparation and are able to work on behalf of a client with the IRS to handle any tax related issues. The EA examination is a four-hour proctored test, that covers individual, business related questions, pertaining to taxation and tax preparation. While the test is challenging, there are a number of lessons and classroom training programs, offered throughout the US to assist you in preparing you to pass the enrolled agent exam on your first attempt. The best part about software like wiseguides ea review is the fact that the questions are from actual previous tests and many of the questions in their database are reused for the current test you will be taking.

In addition to the wiseguides ea review, there are roughly a dozen other companies that provide some form of enrolled agent test prep.  For example, surgent ea review offers an adaptive training course, which covers several of the exact same questions and information. Yet, with an adaptive learning environment, the software is able to discover which questions you've mastered and skip over similar questions to the ones that you have answered correctly.  The benefit of adaptive testing is that you can prepare for the enrolled agent exam in less time, and be more prepared for the test.  Of course, besides online training software and books that prepare you for the exam, there are a number of classroom courses that you can also take.  In fact, many community colleges and universities offer some type of enrolled agent exam prep courses.  Though, these days most students elect to take one of the many online training courses, since it's often more convenient and they can study at their own pace.