Looking For A Day Care

Luckily for us, it is not so much as a hard thing to do. What with all the kids roaming around and popping out form all these millennials everywhere. Seriously, sometimes we think the population was going to be balanced and okay since people are more aware of protection these days. Nope. Guess we were wrong, huh? So now we got to look for a day care in Ozone Park NY.

Well, it is not so bad. We like kids anyway and as much as it is suffocating to live in a world of overpopulation, we like to think of it in a lighter sense. Like, we want o imagine that there will be a lot more opportunities for a lot of things in the future.

Like, new types of jobs now that there are loads of people now. Sure, it might destroy the earth faster than you can say Protection, but since we cannot do anything about it, why not just look at in a happy light? Right? No use being morose about things we cannot control.

At least all the classrooms will be full now with all of these little creatures running around and screaming. But since they are the kids of millennials, maybe they cannot be that bad? Or maybe there are and would probably be the worst generation yet. And if the millennials are not the worst enough already. Who could possibly top us?

But anyway, with all of the classrooms filled, we have to hope that a lot of them will come out and graduate in the future to be some kind of professional the world needs. Like doctors and teachers. Because we all need them more than we need those memesters that your kid is probably going to grow up as.

But not going to be that person who tells parents to be strict to their kids and tell them exactly what they should be instead of letting them follow their dreams, make them WANT to be those things. Make them want to be a doctor or a teacher.

Hell, maybe even an astronaut or something. Anything that could make you proud and say that you made that kid with your own body. Not exactly the best thing to say when bragging about your kid but you get the point.

And make sure that the daycare you plan on outing them in is a good one because there are a lot of bad ones out there too. You might find yourself shocked when one of these days, your kid comes home learning some really bad stuff all because the teacher is either incapable of teaching your kids things that they should not know.

Oh yes, there are people like that. They like to influence the children in their class of the things that they think is good. Propaganda, you know? Which is illegal, by the way, you should not be using your authority for something like that. You could get fired and sued or something of the like. And it is kind of dangerous to teach stupid stuff to kids who do not know what to think for themselves for.