Israel Best Bodyguard Services

Executive Protection in Israel can be divided into two major classes: the first one includes senior dominant figures (The Prime Minister, Senior Cabinet Members etc) and the second one titled Threatened Cabinet Members and MKs (Members of Knesset).

Those occupying the next group are actually those that aren’t eligible for a 24/7 protection but were supplied with this privilege by the executive protection unit of the Shin Bet because of security intelligence or other political oriented conditions.

Alongside the aforementioned branch, we also have VIPs’, MKs and Cabinet Members enjoying the executive protection provided by israeli bodyguards that won the various tender. These businesses recruit personnel in accordance with the standards specified by the executive protection unit while providing semi-national protection.

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It’s worth noting that those bodyguards should go through intensive training, like the one associated with Shin Bet’s executive protection unit. However, experience indicates that their level of eligibility isn’t quite the same and is really significantly lower.

In my view, the decision to permit private organizations to provide executive protection for such prominent people is actually wrong because their standing should clearly grant them the best security available. Moreover, they can’t and shouldn’t be happy with Class B protection.

Class B Protection both in appearance and quality

The bodyguards coming from private businesses are readily detected by their often cluttered appearance in addition to inappropriate behavior that does not meet the criteria specified by the executive protection unit