Cell Tower Leasing – Letters of Intent

The most recent cell-tower leasing hint we’ve struck is tower businesses which are using”Letters of Intent” as an instrument to unknowingly convince landowners to sign the things that they believe for a benign letter.

Many folks are led to feel this is”a method for all of us to lock these terms together with your supervisors” or even” a touch of understanding in order that people may explore with your website”. These letters aren’t straightforward however I will let you know exactly what they have in most cases….legally binding!

One among the men and women who dropped with this particular cell-site leasing ploy proved perhaps not naïve from the manners of business. You can click here for more information about the cell tower lease experts.

In reality that they were rather educated real estate programmers who presumed they can expect that the magical young woman who had been managing items for the cell tower business.

They signed up an extremely thorough record that secured them into a bargain where the company could inflict their will on those owners.

Why do you have to register any sort of agreement before you see these terms? While searching for an automobile do you register a letter saying you may purchase an automobile for $40,000.00 and hand your hard earned money expecting they provide you with a fresh BMW whenever they send for you a 1975 pin to? No, obviously you wouldn’t.