Can You Remove Odors from a Car with an Ozone Generator?

Have you ever wondered how they get cars to smell fresh and new whenever you buy them? Even used cars seem to have a new car smell whenever you get into one. Car dealerships employ a special type of cleaning when it comes to displaying them for potential customers.

If they didn’t use special methods, the cars could smell like metal or oil if it’s new. If it’s a used car, it would smell like the person who owned it before. The secret is an ozone generator. Ozone generators are used in cars to deodorize them. However, ozone generators do more than just get rid of a few odors. It gets rid of all the odors in the car.

Ozone is a great tool to use, but it’s a hazard when it comes to human interaction. Breathing it in can cause a lot of problems for you, though it mainly comes down to discomfort in your lungs. It causes them to inflame and become swollen, so you don’t want to breathe it in.

It is especially dangerous to pets and can cause sickness in them. Never run an ozone generator when you or someone else is around. Only use them in unoccupied spaces. However, if you use them safely, you’ll find that your vehicle smells like those cars in the car lots!